UK VoIP Numbers - Divert UK Phone Calls to a VoIP phone

Get a UK VoIP number, when your clients call your VoIP number the call will be forwarded to your VoIP Phone / SIP Phone. Choose an easy to remember memorable gold VoIP number so your clients can easily remember your VoIP Phone number. We have a variety of VoIP Numbers for sale that include Geographic, Local Area VoIP numbers, Non-Geographic, National VoIP numbers and you can buy them online in minutes! Buy a VoIP Phone Number now and make sure you don't miss any phone call business in future!!

Why get a Geographic UK VoIP Number:

Get more business in specific areas of the UK
Target clients by area code from wherever you are
You can target people who dial local area numbers first by using a geographic VoIP number. You can divert the calls to your VoIP phone, whether or not you are actually physically based within that are or not. You create a virtual local office by using geographic VoIP numbers. Geo-graphic VoIP numbers have area code prefixes that people are familiar with in their own areas; e.g. London is typically 0207

Why get a Non-Geographic UK VoIP Number:

Create a "big national company" image
Get business from across the country
Having a non-geographic number such as a tollfree 0800 VoIP number creates a big national company impression that may work for bigger businesses that are keen to attract many calls. There are also other ranges that include, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871, some may even generate you revenue as people are charged for the calls at higher rates that you earn a share of.

Why get a Gold UK VoIP Number:

Gold Numbers are easier to remember
Get more business with a memorable VoIP Number
Choose a Gold VoIP number of you want your clients to easily remember your number. These numbers will "stick" in the minds of your clients and they will be more likely to call you. They can easily remember the numbers without a pen and paper!
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VoIP Call Forwarding specifications

Voice over Internet Protocol is optimized for the transmission of speech over the Internet, and used in cheaper alternatives to traditional PSTN telephony audio. We currently support the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) a common type of VoIP standard. IAX Protocol used by the Asterisk VoIP PBX and FreeSwitch Softswitch as an alternative to SIP support planned.
Choose the level of compression, Instant changeover to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) if your broadband is misbehaving, Built-in test facilities ease fault finding, Enjoy incredible savings without the loss of PSTN

UK VoIP Number Features:

  • Call Divert Virtual number using VoIP
    Call Forward your Virtual UK number phone calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Divert and Forward your calls to your VoIP phone almost anywhere in the world!

Geographic, Local Area UK VoIP Ranges:

  • 0207 VoIP Numbers (Central London)
    Call Divert a 0207 (London Area Code) Local Area, Geographic VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone.
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  • Local Area UK VoIP Numbers
    Divert Local Area, geographic VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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National, Non-Geographic UK VoIP Ranges:

  • 0800 UK VoIP Numbers (Toll free)
    Divert National, Non- Geographic 0800 Free phone VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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  • 0844 UK VoIP Numbers
    Divert National, Non- Geographic 0844 VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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  • 0845 UK VoIP Numbers
    Divert National, Non- Geographic 0845 VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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  • 0870 UK VoIP Numbers
    Divert National, Non- Geographic 0870 VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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  • 0871 UK VoIP Numbers
    Divert National, Non- Geographic 0871 VoIP Number to your VoIP Phone
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We also offer other UK Phone Number ranges that include:

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