ProVoiceOver: Make the perfect first-impression

Professional Voiceover for switchboard

Your tone of voice can say everything about your business... whether you want to sound polished and professional, or friendly and relaxed. That's where ProVoiceOver comes in, helping you to give callers the perfect first impression.

Our professional voice artists will record your greetings and switchboard prompts, following a script you specify in whichever voice style you prefer. We'll then add their messages to your dmSwitchboard service.

Key features and benefits

  • Make sure dmSwitchboard sounds as good as it works
  • Save time trying to record professional messages yourself - it's much harder than you may realise
  • Pick a tone of voice that represents your brand and the way you do business
  • Specify the script - and receive the professionally-recorded soundfiles with a quick turnaround
  • No hassle setup - we integrate the soundfiles into your dmSwitchboard
  • No loss of service during recording - the soundfiles are added to a 'test copy' of your dmSwitchboard
  • You listen to and approve them before they 'go live'

The Professional Voice Over service is available as an addon product. Once you have signed up for a virtual number, simply login and add the Voice Over options you require.

Choose the style and accent

Voice Style Demo Style
Professional - Reserved 0870-446-0291 Confident, corportate sounding and ideal for solicitors, financial companies and professionals wanting authority and credibility.
Professional - Warm 0870-446-0292 A friendly but efficient tone of voice perfect for 'people-focused' businesses such as estate agents.
Professional - Scottish 0870-446-0294 A high-quality welcome that's reserved and professional, with an accent that reflects a deep-rooted Scottish heritage.
Technical 0870-446-0295 Knowledgeable and helpful, with a matter-of-fact style that gets down to business quickly. Well-suited to todays e-business.
Bubbly 0870-446-0296 Reflecting 'service with a smile' thanks to a cheerful, upbeat style that works well for advertising, media and creative companies.
Humorous 0870-446-0297 Lively, quirky and original, this voice style will appeal to fun-themed businesses such as costume hire shops and party organisers.
Flirtatious 0870-446-0298 Stag/hen weekend organisers, events companies, gadget shops and entertainment businesses will enjoy the cheeky, outgoing style.
Everyday non-posh 0870-446-0299 An everyday voice that can relate well to all types of customer, offering them good quality services and products at fair prices.

Pricing & availability

ProVoiceOver is available with any dmSwitchboard. at affordable prices for all businesses - with no hidden costs. Prices start from just £60.00 (plus VAT) for up to 10 prompts and £30.00 (plus VAT for every 5 additional prompts).

Choose a UK Number Range:

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