How to order a UK virtual phone number

Available virtual phone number ranges

UK number range

Step 1.
Choose the number range you want, either local area, national or personal range

Choose a virtual phone number

Choose number

Step 2.
Choose a free number or a special memorable sequence gold number

Virtual phone number call handling

Add call services

Step 3.
Add voicemail & call hunt, fax2email or switchboard. High volume call plans available

Order virtual phone numbers online

Checkout & setup

Step 4.
Once you have your number/s & call services, checkout & setup

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Step 1.
How to choose a UK virtual number range

Caller impression
Choose the impression you want to give callers by selecting the number range to suit your company. Choose to be local, national or personal with your phone numbers. Remember that this is just an impression, you do not actually have to be physically based anywhere as calls are diverted to any phone, mobile or VoIP phone without the callers knowing. See below for the options regarding caller impression and the various dial codes available. There may be other reasons to get certain ranges, such as earning a revenue share, but caller impression of the range code is usually the key factor in gaining new business.

Locally based company (01 / 02 Range, local area numbers)
You want callers to think you are based their area or in a specific UK city dialling code. You want callers to believe that you are based in their area as many people like to deal with a locally based office / company. We have over 650 UK local area codes to choose from including the London 0207 dialing code for a central London virtual phone number.

Big national company (08 Range, national numbers)
You want you callers to think you are a big nationally based company then choose one of the 08 range numbers. From tollfree numbers that promote people calling your company to local rate national numbers you can make you company appear to be massive. You can even earn a share of the revenue generated from calls to your numbers on some ranges. We offer the 0800, 0870, 0871, 0844 and 0845 National ranges.

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Step 2.
How to choose your phone number/s

Once you have selected a number range you will need to choose a virtual phone number from the list of phone numbers available.

Fancy gold number - easy to remember
If you would like a number that is easy to remember you might be willing to pay the extra cost. Numbers with repetitious sequences such as 111222 or 123123 and numbers that correspond to words on the dial pad are more expensive and have a once off gold fee. Clients are more likely to call numbers that they remember so it may be worth buying a gold number to use with your advertising.

Not fussy go for a free number
If you are not fussy then you will probably just go for any free number within the range that you are interested in. You can always buy a fancy gold number down the line.

Phone and fax number in sequence
Many people choose to have their phone number and fax number one number apart, so you could look for numbers one digit apart, this also makes it easy for people to remember.

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Step 3.
How to choose a call handling service

We offer a wide variety of call handling services that are added to your phone number. The call service you choose should suite the phone call requirements of your business. We have everything from simple forwarding to advanced switchboard services.

Basic call forwarding only - dmConnect Service
The dmConnect service allows you to divert incoming calls to a landline, mobile or VoIP trunk, cost effectively, worldwide. Callers are not aware that your calls are being diverted. This service is the default service that is added the national and local area numbers.
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Call forwarding, voicemail & call hunting - dmVoice Service
The dmVoice service allows call forwarding to your existing phones, plus if you are unable to answer a call then it will take a message for you. You can also set a ring sequence whereby the call will ring to different phones to try to reach you before going to voicemail.
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Fax number & fax to email - dmFax
dmFax allows you to forward calls to a fax machine or get your faxes as an email in your inbox. No printing, no paper and access your faxes where ever you have email!
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Virtual switchboard - dmSwitchboard
dmSwitchboard allows you to set team diverts, voicemail and pre-recorded information. You can also set tone driven menus (press 1 for admin, 2 for support etc) and get a professional to record your voice prompts. Geographic number, call forwarding, voicemail, VoIP (in & outbound), call whisper, CLI, smartphone app, webphone & more!
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How to choose a call volume plan

If you are expecting a large volume of calls to your virtual number, you can save money on the call rates by upgrading from the Bas plan to high volume call plans as follows:

Bas Call volume plan (default)
Low call volume under 5000 mins per month

Pro Call Volume Plan
High, more than 5000 mins/month

Ent Call Volume Plan
Very high, more than 20000 mins/month

New Starter Pack VoIP Packages:

dmConnect 12 Starter Pack
This is a new product and is an upgraded variation of dmConnect. It offers a geographic phone numbers with call forwarding, voicemail, VoIP that is easy to setup for in and out bound calls, Voicemail, Call whisper, Caller line identity and more. Geographic or national numbers, call forwarding, IVR / tone driven menus, reception, team, direct diverts, voicemail, VoIP (in & outbound), call whisper, CLI, smartphone app, webphone, operating hours, and loads more!
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The dmSwitchboard12 Starter Pack
This package is a hosted virtual switchboard offering a very powerful way to manage calls for your company. This package is capable of handling geographic number ranges and national ranges. It has call forwarding using VoIP and PSTN, voicemail, diverts to reception with IVR, diverts to teams and staff. It has call whisper, CLI for in and outbound calls. You can also use the webphone or the smartphone app for your VoIP calls on your PC or mobile. Set the way you want calls handled on different days of the week and on weekends and more!
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Step 4.
Checkout and setup

Once you have added the numbers and services that you want to the trolley, you can click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to register. Once you have entered your details you will be logged in.
Note: you must click "Complete Checkout" once your have registered to complete the order. You can pay when you checkout or you can pay later.

Once your number is active you will be able to login online and set the calls services up.

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Virtual numbers UK
Virtual UK Numbers
Get a UK number that forwards to one of your existing phones, no new line required. Callers dont know calls are forwarded, work from anywhere.

Virtual ofice in the UK
Virtual office
Use a UK virtual number to imply that you are based in the UK, take calls in the UK or abroad. People think you are UK based!


Forward phone calls to your existing landline

Landline Phone
Forward calls to your virtual number to a landline phone.

Forward phone calls to your mobile number

Mobile Phone
Forward calls to your virtual number to a mobile phone.

Get a virtual fax number

Fax number
Forward faxes to your virtual number to a fax machine.


Forward calls to VoIP

VoIP Trunk / SIP
Forward calls free of charge using VoIP trunk.

VoIP smartphone app

VoIP Smartphone App
In & outbound VoIP on smart phone! CN12 & SB12 only.

VoIP webphone on your PC

VoIP Webphone / PC
In & outbound VoIP on PC using software! CN12 & SB12 only.


Forward calls from a UK number

Call Forwarding / Call Divert
This is the basis of virtual numbers set where you want your calls to ring to. It can be a landline, mobile, in the UK or abroad and you can use PSTN or VoIP.

Get voicemail for your virtual UK number

Let the system take a message for you when you are too busy to take calls. You can then access the messages via email or get them online.

Divert calls to multiple phone numbers

Call Hunting
When one of your phones is not answered, the system will try to call you on another line to try to reach you.

Get fax to email in the UK

Fax to Email
Get faxes in your email inbox instead of using a fax machine! No need to print faxes or rush back to th office to manage a fax machine! You can also use your existing fax machine if you prefer.

Online switchboard service

Virtual Switchboard
Use a virtual switchboard with tone driven menus to access departments, transfer calls, voicemail and pre-reorcorded information.


Attract more calls

Since gold numbers are more memorable, clients are more likely to remember your number and call you.

Once off fee

Only pay a once off fee for your gold number.

Memorable to clients

Gold numbers contain either repititious number sequences like 111222 "triple one triple two" which is easy to remember or numbers that correspond to words on the dial pad on your phone.

Repetitious sequences

Search for a special sequence like 112233 "double 1, double 2, double 3" is easier to remember than 6192084. Say them out loud!

Choose dial pad words

See the key pad and choose words that are easy to remember such as your company name or something to do with the industry you operate in.

Use in Marketing

Use easy to remember gold numbers to ensure that people remember you number easily.

Keep existing number

If you alreay have clients using your current landline they can still call that number, however you can use your virtual gold number to attract new customers in your marketing.

Set gold value

Choose the amount you are willing to spend on your gold number.


14 Day money back guarantee

Test-drive our services without making any lasting commitment. If you incur less than £5 of call-forwarding charges in the first 14 days you can have 100% of your money back.

Online Web Control Panel

All numbers come with the online control panel so you can change your call diverts anytime for free using the online web control panel. You can also check call logs, make payments and add more numbers and services.

Excellent Support

Expert support system if you need assistance via telephone, email and online documented support.

Choose your own number

You are able to choose your own virtual number from a list of available numbers. Use the number selector to search for numbers that you like.

Keep your number if you move

Keep your number even if you move offices, just change where the number diverts to even if it's temporary.

Maximum number & service choice

Choose your number range, your number, your call services, your call volume plan, your payment method and add services anytime!

Port existing geographic number

If you are keen to keep an existing geographic number already in use then why not port the number to us.

Gold memorable numbers

Pay an extra once off fee and get a gold number. These numbers are easy to remember as they have repetitious sequences or correspond to words on the dial pad.

Instant activation & payment options

You can start using your new number as soon as your credit card payment is authorised. Other payments are accepted but activation is subject to a 4-working-hour clearance period.

Call logs to measure marketing

Use your virtual number call logs to monitor calls generated by your marketing efforts. Call logs are available online through the web control panel.

Upgrade your call services anytime

If you would like to upgrade your call service or call plan you can easily do this before or after you buy a number. You can enhance your call handling capabilities as you grow your need for them. © - all rights reserved 2018