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Say this UK number aloud - "66 77 88" It is a very easy sequence to remember, which means that you will be able to remember it even if you don't have a pen around to take it down. These numbers that are highly memorable are called gold numbers, because they are more valuable to companies than numbers that are not as easy to remember. Make life easy for your clients, get an easy to remember gold virtual number for your company, its more likely that your clients will call you! We offer Gold UK phone, fax and mobile numbers in the following geographic and non-geographic ranges:

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Gold Numbers – easy to remember UK Numbers for your clients!

What is a Gold UK Number?
Gold Numbers are classified as “Gold” because they are easier to remember, more sought after and cost more than numbers that are not as easy to remember. Gold numbers are easy to remember because they contain repetitive digits like “0800 22 44 55 66” or they contain a word like “0800 cool company” the letters are found on any keypad and correspond to numbers. Companies are usually keen on having numbers that are easy to remember so that their clients do not forget their numbers, hopefully ever!  

Gold Numbers and UK Number Ranges:
Gold numbers are available in most ranges including local area, national and personal number ranges. The “gold value” is simply the cost for a number that is easy to remember in each number range, the simpler the number the more it is likely to cost.   

Gold numbers improve TV and Radio Advertising!
Having a number that is very easy to remember makes life easier for your clients. If they hear your radio advert in their car or see your advert on TV they can easily remember it even if they do not have a pen handy to write it down. They are more likely to call you once they have the time to than a company who has advertised a phone number that they can’t remember. This saves them the hassle of looking up your company in the phone book. 

Gold numbers are also known as:
Platinum numbers, silver numbers, word numbers, bronze numbers, golden numbers and memorable numbers.

Digits or sequences can make gold numbers easy to remember:
Whether the number spells out your company name, such as “0800 123 design” or is “0800 22 44 55 88” it will still be very easy to remember, thereby adding to the gold value.

Keep the number if you move – Gold Virtual Numbers
By advertising your number you are building a brand or number to call automatically for people seeking certain services. People will associate your easy to remember number with your services and they are likely to call you without a thought if your service is good. You can keep your virtual number and forward it to any phone line so don’t have to get a new number if you move. Your number then becomes part of your brand building.

Gold 0800 numbers are the ultimate!
What could create a better impression than an easy to remember number that is also free to call for your clients? Your clients will appreciate that to contact you is free and will be more likely to phone you if your number is easy to remember. An 0800 gold number is therefore the ultimate for companies that want more business and a national presence.

Call Handling for Gold Numbers:

Virtual Gold UK Numbers:  Appear to be located in the UK or any UK local area region, but work from anywhere, using local & international call forwarding and call diverts with your gold number.

Gold Numbers with Call Divert / Call Forward: Forward your gold number calls to your fixed phone line or mobile phone anywhere, with local and international call forwarding options.

Gold Numbers with Voice Mail: Don't miss any business if you are busy in a meeting; simply let your gold number with voice mail handle your messaging. You can even retrieve your voice mail via your email!

Gold Fax Numbers & Fax to Email: Use your gold number as a Fax number or receive your UK faxes in your email inbox, access via your email from anywhere online.

Gold VoIP Numbers:  Use VoIP to forward your gold number phone calls and save on diverts.

Gold Numbers with Virtual Switchboard: Use the virtual switchboard for your UK gold number to direct your calls as you choose.

Gold Numbers with Web Control: Simply logon and change your gold number diverts and call handling in real time, anytime!

Gold Numbers with World Class Support 95%: of support calls are answered within 4 rings - normally by an expert support agent who's able to resolve any of your issues.

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