dmSwitchboard12: Local number & virtual switchboard

Virtual phone number with cloud hosted switchboard Geographic UK virtual local number with call forwarding, IVR menu outbound calls, voicemail, call whisper, PSTN and VoIP capablities.
Setup: £24.95 | Monthly: £9.50 | Calls: From 1.25 ppm See costs
Control your virtual number features online
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Local are geo numbers
Geo no.
Divert virtual number calls to a landline
Divert virtual number calls to a mobile
Divert virtual number calls to VoIP
Divert virtual number calls to a smartphone app
Get phone calls on a webphone
Voicemail for your virtual number
Call whisper virtual number
Call whisper
Caller Line Identity virtual number
Switchboard with a tone-driven menu
IVR Menu
Divert calls to departments or teams
Team divert
Divert calls to a specific person
Staff divert
Transfer calls via a virtual switchboard
Set plans for your virtual switchboard
Set plans
Callers hear opertaing hours when you are closed
Receive and make phone calls virtually
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About dmSwitchboard12: Starter Pack

We offer a cloud hosted, enterprise grade switchboard that is supported, maintained and upgraded by us instead of you having you do it on your own hardware in your office. The easiest way to get up and running is by ordering the starter pack. Once you have this up and running you can add more numbers anytime and set up call handling online. When someone calls your virtual number a reception with a tone driven menu will allow users to select the department they are looking for using the dial pad on their phone. They can also be diverted directly to staff members if they know the extension of a particular person. Call whisper is available so you can tell that your calls are for business when answering. Calls can be transferred and there is also voicemail available for when staff members are busy and can not take a call.
See the full list of all the amaizing features this virtual switchboard has to offer.

How it works: basic overview

How a virtual switchboard works

Reception: Tone driven menu
When a caller phones, your switchboard can automatically answer the calls, welcomes the caller and give them options that they can select using the dial pad.

Department: Diverts
The above mentioned menu can give them various choices: press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for admin etc. This will take them to the department they need.

Direct to staff: Diverts
If the caller knows the direct extension of a person they are trying to reach they can reach the staff member directly.

Voicemail / Answering
If nobody is around to take the call a voicemail can be left. The person will be notified of the message via email. If you have dmAnswers a live human will take a message for you and notify you.

Transfer Calls
You can transfer calls mid call should you need another staff member to take the remainder of a call.

Take & make calls
Use your landlines or mobiles using PSTN or you can use VoIP on your computer or your mobile phone using the smartphone app for inbound and outbound calls.

See the full specs on dmSwitchboard12 below for more details.

How to order dmSwitchboard12

Step 1: Enter your label name (optional) and Add to trolley
Order a phone number package with virtual switchboard

Step 2: Choose your own geographic UK number
Select a virtual number with your virtual switchboard package

Step 3: Click checkout and follow the payment process
Order a virtual switchboard with phone number package


dmCalls12 outbound calling charges:

GEO UK 1.25ppm, 2/3 world 1.85ppm, MOB UK & 2/3 world 8ppm

How we calculate our call costs

  • There is no connection charge
  • There is a minimum call charge of 3p (lower than most of the big players).
  • But there is no charge to call UK freephone numbers, or if the call does not connect.
  • At the end of the call we calculate the cost using the call length in seconds and the pence per minute rate
    (unlike some services we don't round call times up to the minute).
  • If there is a part of a penny, we round up to the next penny (e.g. 60 seconds call to Vodaphone UK costs 8p, 61 seconds costs 9p)

dmCalls12 cost summary

Setup FREE
Initial Credit £ 5
dmCalls12 Rates Geo Mobile
UK 1.25 8.00 *1
2/3rds of world 1.85 *2 8.00 *3
UK Freephone 0.00  


Prices in pence per minute

See the full tariff list (pdf) for details and exceptions.

*1 - The big 5 mobile operators.
*2 - Excludes some dependencies and rural areas
*2 - Includes Mobile where they are similar to Geo
*3 - Many exceptions, but we've tried to achieve this wherever possible.

Calls to UK

  • Land lines cost 1.25ppm
  • The "big five" mobile cost 8ppm(Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and 3 Mobile). See the full tariff list (pdf) for details of charges to other mobile carriers.

Calls to 2/3rds of the world

(45 countries, or 2/3rds of the world's population)

  • Land lines for 1.85ppm. This includes mobile phones that are on the same tariff as land lines.*
  • Mobile for 8.00ppm. Where we can, this is not as widespread as we would like, but it is our policy to get these rates for mobile use
  • Including: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (south), Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Venezuela.

Calls to remaining 1/3rd of the world

For the costs of calls to the remaining 1/3rd of the world please See the full tariff list (pdf).

* Excludes mobile phones, premium rate numbers, non-geographic numbers, some rural areas and some dependencies.
We only exclude these when it is not economically viable to include them.

* All costs exclude UK VAT

dmSwitchboard12 is easy to set up and control

Basic set up takes about 10 minutes

The starter pack comes with a free ProTime set up session, where one of our friendly experts helps you to get your switchboard up-and-running, assisting you in the creation of your first plan.

The web-based plan editor allows you to create and edit plans at any time

Set up extensions for receptions, teams and people, and configure their behaviour. Associate them with direct numbers, set opening-hours, and adjust how long an extension rings before a call is sent to voicemail or your answering service.

A dedicated support team is here to help

If you don't understand something, or something goes wrong, our support team is here to help. Telephone and email support are available, in addition to web-based video tutorials, helpful notes, and trouble-shooting guides.

  • 100% of support calls are answered by people
  • 95% are answered within four rings
  • 90% of problems are resolved by the same support person that answers your call
  • 100% of support emails are answered within 4 working hours

Look local, be anywhere

By combining dmSwitchboard12 with virtual numbers, you can create a stable, office-based 'big company' impression from practically anywhere. BuyUK Local numbers, including the popular0203 Greater London and 0207 Central London ranges, or choose from UK non-geographic ranges including0800 Freephone, 0844, 0845, 0870 and0871.

Low-cost numbers to suit your business

Adding virtual numbers to your dmSwitchboard12 doesn't cost the earth. You'll pay a low line rental charge (typically £3 + VAT per calendar month) for each virtual number.

In most cases inbound call routing is FREE to SIP and WebPhone destinations, while for mobile and land line destinations you'll pay the same tariff as for outbound calling. The only exceptions are 0800 numbers, which cost you from 1.45 ppm - 2.45 ppm to receive calls (depending on tariff), and 0844, 0845 and 0871numbers, which actually pay out to you when you receive calls.

The business number that travels with you

And as well as receiving calls anywhere, you can make outbound calls using your office caller ID (CLI) as well, meaning that wherever you are, your office travels with you.

Keep your existing number.

If you've got a well established business number that you don't want to change, don't worry. You can bring your existing number with you when you buy dmSwitchboard12. To find out more about keeping your existing number, click here.

Grow your Switchboard, add extensions and numbers anytime

If you want more inbound numbers or extensions these can be added at any time, and are charged per number and per extension. Finally, there is no long-term contract, so you can cancel your switchboard ay any time.

More Features

See full features: click here

Geographic & National numbers
You can use both national 08 range numbers and geographic 01 / 02 numbers with your switchboard. You get one geographic number free with the starter pack.

Reception Extension
Divert to your reception, with tone driven menus (press 1 for sales, 2 for support). Allow users to find the departments that they are looking for easily using the dialpad or transfer calls.

Team & Department Extensions
Divert calls internally to different departments.

Personal Extesions
Divert calls to individual staff members directly.

VoIP (in & outbound calls)
Use you computer or mobile phone to make out going calls or receive incoming calls using VoIP. This is very easy to set up. Web Phone: use the webphone software for your computer and use VoIP Smartphone app: install the mobile app make use VoIP on your mobile (make and receive calls)

PSTN (landlines and mobiles)
Divert worldwide using PSTN to landlines and mobile phones.

Voicemail & Live answering
Use voicemail or the Live answering service to take messages when you are busy.

Call transfers
Transfer calls to other people or departments (mid call transfer).

Call hunting
Set the calls to ring to different phones in a specific sequence. If one phone is not answered try the next, then go to voicemail. You can set this sequence eg. Office, home, mobile, voicemail.

CLI in & outbound
Instead of getting unknown number, you can see who is calling you, and you can allow other people to see that you are calling them using caller line identity.

Operating hours
Set the way you want calls handled during the week, weekend and on holidays.

Call plan manager
Setup the way you want your switchboard online using the call plan manger. Have multiple plans and a disaster recovery plan handy.

Call recording
You can record calls for later playback

Call Whisper
Know when it's a business call. Press to accept / answer the call.

IVR Interactive voice response
Use a voice prompted, tone driven menu to direct calls according to user needs.

Recorded information
For information such as operating hours, have pre-recorded information that callers can access instead of having your staff handle this.

Video assistance
We have videos to help you get your switcboard set up properly.

Add numbers & grow
Add numbers at any stage and grow your business.

Handle Inbound, Outbound & internal calls
You can direct calls as you choose, make outbound calls and route calls internally as you require.

Additional Extensions
You can add additional extensions at any stage to your switchboard should you need more numbers.

Protime 25 min Assisted setup
You get 25 minutes with a professional to help you setup your switchboard.

Number Porting
If you already have a UK geographic number that your clients are used to calling and would like to keep it, then you can port your existing number to a virtual number and keep it, usually without any disruption.

Voice Overs
Use a professional voice artist instead of your own voice for your voice prompts.

Full Features

Switchboard Online Control Plan
The switchboard plan allows you to set how you want calls to be handled. This is done using receptions, team/department and personal extensions.

Reception extensions
With a greeting and department choice.

Team extensions
Distribute calls to team members / departments.

Personal extensions
Allow everyone to take inbound and make outbound calls.

DDI Extension
Each extension can have a direct dial inwards number allocated to it.

more info ▼ | back to top

Feature Description
Extension model The switchboard consists of a set of dialable extensions that people can call
DDI to Extension Any Reception, Team or Personal Extension can have an external direct-dialable number
Reception Extension An extension that handles outside calls and allows callers to select a team extension from a set of prompts or dial an individual's extension directly
Team Extension An extension that links to several people available to answer a call, with the common purpose of a function or a department, with an internally dialable 3-digit number.
Personal Extension An extension associated with an individual person, with an internally dialable 3-digit number.
Special Extension An extension that allows a user to test their phone, or perform utility functions (e.g. set their voicemail outgoing message), with an internally dialable 3-digit number.

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Use Geographic and National number ranges:
You get one geograpic number with your dmSwitchboard starter pack, however you can also add national number ranges numbers to your switchboard at a later stage.

Geographic Ranges
0207 London and 650 other area codes in the UK

National Ranges
0800 Tollfree | 0870 | 0871 | 0844 | 0854

Message Taking:
If you are busy, have the system take a message for you. You can use a standard prerecorded voice or you can use a live human answering service as an add on for your messages.

If you are busy have the system take a message.

Email Delivery
Get messages as sounds files in your email, access from anywhere.

Call Records
See when you were called.

Customised Voice Message
Use your voice or a voice artists voice as a prompt.

Add on the live human answering service.

more info ▼ | back to top

Feature Description
Email delivery Call details, including CLI, delivered to your email address
Call records You can see when you were called if you need to find a voicemail again
Customised Outgoing Message (OGM) Use your voice or a professionals to invite callers to leave a message
Multiple Voicemail boxes Each extension has its own voicemail account with individual settings. This increases the caller's confidence that they are through to the right department, and ensures that the right person gets the message.
dmAnswers integration Send call overflows to a human answering service (an add-on) when getting all messages is important.

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Call Hunting / Phasing:
Parrallel ringing and optimal control of answering times and call distribution. When you are busy with lots of calls it's important that you don't leave callers waiting too long. The team extension 'hunts' the available team members until one takes the call. Some team members can be held in reserve and phased in if the caller has been kept waiting for more than targeted times.

Call Hunting
Hunt available team members until one takes the call.

Parrallel Ringing
Several phones ring at once.

Timed Phasing
More people can be included into the team if the extension has been ringing for a while.

more info ▼ | back to top

Feature Description
Timed phasing Depending on how long the team extension has been ringing, more people can be included into the team
Parallel calls Several personal extensions can be rung at the same time
AnyTalk This works with AnyTalk.

less info

Caller ID and Enhanced Call Information:
Know who is calling you and let people know that you are calling them by displaying the phone numbers calling.

Outbound CLI
You can select the CallerID used by your outbound calls, so that people know who's calling, and have your number in their phone's memory.

Incoming CLI
When you receive calls you will see the incoming CallerID and, with enhanced call information, how the call came through the switchboard, allowing you to answer with the appropriate company and department greeting.

more info ▼ | back to top

Feature Description
Inbound caller ID to PSTN When calls are delivered on your landline or mobile the original Caller ID is passed on.
Inbound Enhanced Call Information to PSTN When calls are delivered to your landline or mobile we can "whisper" the company and extension the call was to.
Inbound Caller ID to SIP phone When calls are delivered on your SIP phone Caller ID is included.
Inbound Enhanced Call Information to SIP phone When calls are delivered to your SIP phone we can "whisper" the company and extension the call was to
Inbound call presentation on the WebPhone We deliver the Caller ID, the Enhanced Call Information, and how the call flowed through the system
Inbound Caller ID on unattended transfers We pass on the Caller ID when you do an unattended transfer, even when going to PSTN
Outbound Caller ID control by extension You can set the Caller ID for each extension, and you can choose reception, team or personal DDI numbers, or withheld. This feature is consistently available across all access methods.

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Operating Hours:
Set call handling according to whether you're open or closed. This can be done company wide or on a per-extension basis.

Set the hours you are open during the week.

Set the hours you are open during the weekend.

Set the hours you are open during holidays.

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Feature Description
Bank Holidays You can specify special behaviour for Bank/National Holidays.
Multiple matches You can specify several different patterns for open hours
Individual extension overrides Individual extensions can use the company central default, or have their own values.
Company central default You create a default for the company, that can be centrally managed.

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Use traditional PSTN and internet telephony (VoIP) and save on costs.

SIP phone
Handsets or softphones

Take calls on mobiles and landlines

Easy to use VoIP on your PC

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Feature Description
SIP phones Several Internet telephony (SIP) phones can be connected on one personal extension, they can be handsets or softphones (PC/smartphones)
PSTN phones You can use mobiles or landlines to work with your switchboard, unlike other switchboards, it's not a second class citizen
WebPhone You can use our WebPhone to work with the switchboard, with zero configuration.
See the WebPhone section
Caller ID and Enhanced Call Information Essentially, all phone types are fully supported.
See Caller ID and Enhanced Call Information
MidCall Menu Essentially all phone types offer all features and are consistent.
See MidCall Menu
PSTN call phasing You can have calls delivered to your mobile or landline as a backup, with a delay behind in internet phone
CLI authenticated login You can dial into the switchboard from your landline or mobile phone with automatic authentication, to access any extension, or to make outbound calls
Disaster recovery If your office or internet is out of action, fall back to mobile phones, with full business functionality, at the touch of a button.
See plan manager

less info

Plan Manager & Editor:
Use the web interface to adjust your call handling as your business changes or grows. You can save plans and activate them should you need to. We also have a disaster recovery plan option.

Plan manager
Edit, activate and delete plans.

Plan report
For documentations purposes.

Disastar recovery plan
Activate this is there is a disaster.

more info ▼ | back to top

Feature Description
Plan Manager A webapp allowing you to manage a set of switchboard plans. You have options to edit, activate, and delete plans
Plan Editor A web control that allows you to build and change the plan for your switchboard
Plan Editor tooltips All elements of the plan have mouseover tool tips with handy advice
Rapid plan creation You can build a plan from scratch in a matter of minutes
Plan report A report of your plan, that can used for documentation, and an extensions handout to the company
Plan auto-save Automatic saving of your changes as you edit.
Plan version retention We retain all versions of your plan for at least 2 months, so that if you make an edit error, you can go back, even if it is weeks later.
Responsive editor and manager All these controls are done using Web 2.0 ajax technology, to give desktop application type speeds of use.
Disaster recovery plan You can set a specific plan to be your disaster recover plan, should your office or infrastructure have problems.
Plan activator When the plan is activated, all related services are automatically updated in a consistent manner, and any audio resources are uploaded.
Rapid deployment When you activate your plan, everything deployed and configured automatically in less than a minute.
Integrated VoiceOver Works in an integrated way with your voiceover system, to make it easy to have your own voice on the switchboard.
See VoiceOver

less info

Use your voice or a professional voice artist for your voice prompts.

Your voice
Use your own voice to record scripts.

Pro VoiceOver
Get a professional voice artist to record your scripts.

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Feature Description
Auto Catalog On request from the plan editor, the system generates a comprehensive catalog of sound files to be recorded.
Template recording files When the catalog request is prepared, there are also template sound files that have the correct name and audio format, that you can record over.
Integrated into deployment It will automatically load the sound files when deploying the plan, different plans can use different sources.
Progress reports Whenever there is a catalog prepared, a check done, or an activation, there is a record on the file system, so that you know how well everything went.
Cloud data It uses your cloud space, that you can manage (we have a free service that we have tested and recommend). Uses the WebDav standard, which you can access as a directory from any of your computers.
ProVoiceOver available If you would prefer our voiceover artist to record your voiceovers we can arrange it

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MidCall Menu:
With the MidCall Menu you can transfer calls around your company quickly and effectively, or initiate conference calls.

Call Transfer mid call
Transfer either attended or unattended.

3 way conference
Call a 3rd person for a call.

On hold
Origianl caller on hold during transfer.

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Feature Description
Unattended transfer Transfer a caller to another extension or PSTN number, wihout any introduction or checking that the call is put through.
Attended transfer Transfer a caller to another extension or PSTN number, with a briefing / consultation then handover, or return to caller.
3-way conference Call a 3rd party extension or PSTN number and all confer together. The original recipient can leave the conference and the call will continue.
AnyTalk MidCall Menu options, with consistent control across PSTN phones, SIP Phones and WebPhones.
AnyTalk Provides the Caller ID when doing an unattended transfer, across PSTN phones, SIP phones, WebPhones, and to 3rd-party PSTN calls.
On Hold When the original caller is on hold while performing mid-call actions, hold music will play.

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Internet / VoIP calls on your PC using the webhphone easily.
All extensions come with a free WebPhone that allows you to take incomming calls and make outgoing calls using your computer and a connected headset. (Windows only)

Zero setup
All automatically setup.

With dmSwitchboard12.

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Feature Description
6x simultaneous calls The WebPhone can take up to six simultaneous calls, and has the ability to put calls on hold.
10x accounts  
Zero setup automatic provisioning All credentials and setup information is automatically inserted.
Separate ringing and audio You can have ringing (e.g. loudspeaker) on a separate device from the call reception (e.g. bluetooth headset).
Jump to front The WebPhone can be in the background while you are working, but jumps to the front when a call arrives.
Enhanced Call Information All call information, including the path that the call has taken through the switchboard.
Free with SB12 Normally you would have to pay for such an advanced soft phone.

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Virtual numbers UK
Virtual UK Numbers
Get a UK number that forwards to one of your existing phones, no new line required. Callers dont know calls are forwarded, work from anywhere.

Virtual ofice in the UK
Virtual office
Use a UK virtual number to imply that you are based in the UK, take calls in the UK or abroad. People think you are UK based!

Divert phone calls from your virtual number to landline

Forward calls to your virtual phone number to your landline phone, in the UK or abroad!
more info ▼

Call Forwarding a UK number to a landline phone:
You can choose a national UK Number (0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871) or geographic UK Number (0207 London or other local area Uk number) and call divert all the incoming calls to your fixed (PSTN) landline number anywhere in the UK and also in many other international destinations. There is no need to buy another fixed line if you want another number in your area, or other areas of the country, simply pick the UK number that you would like to use and divert the phone calls to your existing landline almost anywhere worldwide!

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Divert phone calls from your virtual number to mobile

Set your diverts online, divert your UK virtual phone number to your mobile!
more info ▼

Call Forwarding a UK number to a mobile phone:
Should you need to be out of the office or if you travel you can quickly and easily log onto the website control panel at any time and change the divert so that your mobile receives your calls.

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Divert phone calls from your virtual number to VoIP

Forward calls to your UK virtual phone number to your VoIP system anywhere .
more info ▼

Call Forwarding a UK number to a VoIP trunk / VoIP server:
VoIP is a cost effective way to forward your calls using Voice over IP. You can use VoIP to forward your calls using the SIP protocol, but should you experience network issues you can still use the number to divert your incoming calls to a traditional phone (PSTN) line. Read more on VoIP forwarding numbers

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Get an offsite receptionist

Use the pay as you go dmAnswers14 for when you are unable to take calls
more info ▼

If you are too busy or away or need answering by a human after hours, then use the live answering service to take messages for you!

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Attract more calls

Since gold numbers are more memorable, clients are more likely to remember your number and call you.

Once off fee

Only pay a once off fee for your gold number.

Memorable to clients

Gold numbers contain either repititious number sequences like 111222 "triple one triple two" which is easy to remember or numbers that correspond to words on the dial pad on your phone.

Repetitious sequences

Search for a special sequence like 112233 "double 1, double 2, double 3" is easier to remember than 6192084. Say them out loud!

Choose dial pad words

See the key pad and choose words that are easy to remember such as your company name or something to do with the industry you operate in.

Use in Marketing

Use easy to remember gold numbers to ensure that people remember you number easily.

Keep existing number

If you alreay have clients using your current landline they can still call that number, however you can use your virtual gold number to attract new customers in your marketing.

Set gold value

Choose the amount you are willing to spend on your gold number.


14 Day money back guarantee

Test-drive our services without making any lasting commitment. If you incur less than £5 of call-forwarding charges in the first 14 days you can have 100% of your money back.

Online Web Control Panel

All numbers come with the online control panel so you can change your call diverts anytime for free using the online web control panel. You can also check call logs, make payments and add more numbers and services.

Excellent Support

Expert support system if you need assistance via telephone, email and online documented support.

Choose your own number

You are able to choose your own virtual number from a list of available numbers. Use the number selector to search for numbers that you like.

Keep your number if you move

Keep your number even if you move offices, just change where the number diverts to even if it's temporary.

Maximum number & service choice

Choose your number range, your number, your call services, your call volume plan, your payment method and add services anytime!

Port existing geographic number

If you are keen to keep an existing geographic number already in use then why not port the number to us.

Gold memorable numbers

Pay an extra once off fee and get a gold number. These numbers are easy to remember as they have repetitious sequences or correspond to words on the dial pad.

Instant activation & payment options

You can start using your new number as soon as your credit card payment is authorised. Other payments are accepted but activation is subject to a 4-working-hour clearance period.

Call logs to measure marketing

Use your virtual number call logs to monitor calls generated by your marketing efforts. Call logs are available online through the web control panel.

Upgrade your call services anytime

If you would like to upgrade your call service or call plan you can easily do this before or after you buy a number. You can enhance your call handling capabilities as you grow your need for them. © - all rights reserved 2018